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Wufenpu Garment and Apparel Wholesale Taiwan

Wufenpu Fashion Garment and Apparel Wholesale Taiwan

Wufenpu Garment and Fashion Apparel Wholesale Taiwan. Wufenpu Clothing Wholesalers Area Taipei. Wufenpu Clothes Wholesale Area is located in the eastern part of Taipei City. The literal translation of "Wufenpu" is "five parcels of open land." The place name is synonymous with a renowned fashion wholesalers' district stuffed to the brim with quality inexpensive clothing and related adornments -- and stuffed with happy bargain-hunters most every day.

Taipei Fashion Wholesale District

Taipei Wufenpu Fashion Wholesale District

Taipei Fashion Wholesale District. In Wufenpu you can find garments that caters to all ages, particularly women's clothing and kids' wear. Part of the market's popularity lies in its keeping up to date with the changing trends in the modern world of fashion. Although teenage clothing is omnipresent in these streets, the market also stocks niche fashion, including extra-large sizes and traditional garments. Wufenpu also has many shops selling accessories and jewelry.

Wufenpu Clothes Wholesale Market

Wufenpu Fashion Clothes Wholesale Market Taipei, Taiwan

Wufenpu Clothes Wholesale Market. Wufenpu is Taipei's largest wholesale market for clothes. This is the place where street vendors come to purchase goods for reselling.  Low prices also attract many young customers. Wufenpu is located opposite Songshan train station in XinYi District.

The heart of Wufenpu beats with the latest fashion trends at some of the lowest prices in Taipei, pumping shoppers through its overflowing veins of more than 100 stores. Although the market caters mainly to wholesalers, individual shoppers are bound to find bargains to their liking as well.

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Wufenpu Ready-Made Fashion Clothes Wholesale Market Taiwan

Wufenpu Ready-Made Clothes Wholesale

Cheap, Cheap Dresses The ready-made fashion clothing distribution zone is a paradise for those who are looking for fashion at a fair or even cheap price. The whole area is dedicated to shopping housing hundreds of wholesale shops that sell to those in the center of Taipei. It's located a little bit far from the center of the city, on the North side of Xinyi District. The shops keep on changing their stuff every week, so you'll never find the same thing twice