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Tokyo's Apparel Town - Japanese Wholesale Market

Tokyo's Apparel Town - Japanese Wholesale Market. Tokyo's Apparel Town - Japan Fashion District. Tokyo is no longer a place that demands exclusive high-quality consumer goods. As in many other countries, cheap products from China are flooding the Japanese market, particularly fashion apparel. How, then, will the Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement strengthen Thailand's competitiveness in a market monopolised by China?

A recent visit to Tokyo's Apparel Town was a lesson in more ways than one. It was an almost overwhelming demonstration of the dominant position held by cheap Chinese garments in the Japanese market. It was also a sudden reminder of the old Latin caution that guides all commercial practice: Caveat emptor, or "Let the buyer beware!"


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I was interested in the socks, and after a while I bought three pairs for 500 yen (Bt146). Upon returning to my hotel, I tried on the first pair. To my horror, one had a thick texture and the other, thin. The only thing the pair had in common was their black colour

Tokyo's Apparel Town - Dress & Style Fashion
Japanese Wholesale Fashion and Apparel

Tokyo's Apparel Town - Dress & Style Fashion. Back in Apparel Town, the shopkeeper shrugged at the disparate quality of my new socks. "You have to swallow it," he told my interpreter. "Don't expect high quality from cheaply priced goods. This is mass production, and I import very big lots to sell at low prices, so there are bound to be some mistakes. Nevertheless, he allowed me to change my socks, but not before warning that I might choose another pair that were just as bad.

Japanese Fashion Wholesale Market

Japanese Fashion Wholesale Market. Apparel Town, in Tokyo's Chuo-ku ward, covers two sprawling square kilometres. It is a well-known wholesale market for all kinds of garments and related products like buttons, yarns and accessories. It compares with Bangkok's wholesale garment markets in the Pratunam area around the Baiyoke Tower and Platinum. It is also a rowdy, bustling acknowledgement that the Japanese no longer demand top quality.