Humen Fumen Fashion City Fashion Wholesale

Humen Fumen Fashion City in Guangdong Province  is a Chinese apparel manufacturing and wholesaling center. Fumin Fashion City is as famous as Guangzhou Baima Apparel wholesale market. It has a large and complete range in clothing & apparel and have more than 1200 stores

Sijiqing Clothing Wholesale Market, Hangzhou

Sijiqing Apparel & Clothing Wholesale Market is mainly wholesale. The price is absolutely low and the design follows closely in vogue. Many small special stores in Shanghai buy wholesale clothes from there. If you have a preference for wandering around small stores and searching for fancy clothes, you may pay a visit to Sijiqing and will surely come back with fruitful results

Chinese Fashion Clothes Wholesale Markets

China Fashion Apparel & Clothes Wholesale Markets. China has many large, well-known  apparel & fashion clothing wholesale markets like Shanghai Qipu Road, Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale district,  and Beijing Dahongmen Markets. Here is a few more Chinese wholesale apparel markets you may not know about when searching around for information online

Shenyang Wu Ai Clothing Wholesale Market

Bargain shopping. Wu Ai Market is one of the largest wholesale markets in the region, and it is also one of the biggest economic zones in North-East Asia. Wu Ai Market was founded in 1983 at Wu Ai Street in Shenhe District, which is how it got its name. The largest international trade centre in North China, Wu Ai’s turnover and influence is unrivaled as a major distributor of clothes, accessories,  & knit goods