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Beijing Wholesale Clothing Districts

Beijing Wholesale Clothing Districts

Beijing Wholesale Clothing Districts. Beijing Clothes & Textile Wholesale Markets. Wholesale Markets in Beijing. Buy Chinese fashion clothing. In Beijing retail & wholesale buyers find such a fresh array of goods including women's wear, men's wear, children's wear, leather bags, local textile designs, home textiles, footwear & fashion apparel & accessories.

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Beijing Wholesale Fashion Districts

Beijing Zoo Wholesale Fashion Districts China

Beijing Wholesale Fashion Districts. The clothes markets in Beijing listed below, all sell both wholesale and retail garments. Some clothing shops may have wholesale only and some retail only, but none of the garment and apparel markets can really be categorized as only wholesale markets, since it really is a mix of both.

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Beijing Wholesale Markets to Move Out

Beijing Zoo wholesale fashion and clothing markets to move out

Beijing Wholesale Markets to Move Out. North China’s largest clothing wholesale market is to be relocated out of the Chinese capital. The Beijing Zoo wholesale market is in a northwest central area of the capital, and its thousands of vendors serve tens of thousands of bargain-hungry shoppers every day.

Beijing zoo wholesale market offers fashion on a budget. Thousands come here every day and return fully loaded. But it lies at a major traffic hub. So, amid the rush for bargains, there’s always traffic congestion and a big strain on public transport. There are over 13 thousand booths here. They’re visited by over 100 thousand people every day.

The market is set to be moved out of town but for now, business goes on. And not everyone’s happy about the decision. But the government is determined to push ahead.