Wholesale Markets for Asia Fashion Dresses & Apparel

Famous Wholesale Apparel Markets in South East Asia. You'll find plenty of clothing and dress information by reading up on the markets and centers found under each link below

Bangkok Thailand

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Asia Wholesale Fashion Markets for Clothing & Dress

Asia Wholesale Fashion Markets for Apparel, Clothing & Dress

Asia Wholesale Fashion Markets for Apparel, Clothing & Dress. Wholesale Apparel Markets in Asia for Fashion Clothing & Dress Style. Fashion wholesale news is critical to the success and competitive edge of todays' fashion merchants. That's why we are providing our international online visitors with more and better information about wholesale apparel markets here. Each year more and more clothing importers and online fashion retailers (small business) come to Asia directly to look for dress & accessory wholesalers, so we are going to briefly introduce the main apparel, clothing & fashion wholesale markets in Asia

Asia Apparel Wholesale Markets

Hong Kong (HK) Fashion weeks in January and July each year keep Hong Kong on the forefront of Asian wholesale fashion. Start learning here

Tokyo Japanese wholesale fashion - modern and traditional styles of clothing including Japanese street fashion 

China Fashion Wholesale Markets

Beijing Capital of China -  Popular Apparel and Clothing Markets

Guangzhou Guangdong Province. Chinese wholesale center of apparel and fashion

Shanghai China's largest city with fashion wholesale center