How to Shop Online

Shopping online is great: you have an almost unlimited supply of sellers, and you can find even the most obscure item for sale. Unfortunately, online shopping also has its drawbacks: you can't see the product in person, and sometimes it's hard to tell if you're getting the best price and if you can trust the seller. This page will offer tips on finding what you want online, and making sure you're happy with your online shopping experience!

Learn How To Shop Online - Internet Retail Shopping

Learn How To Shop Online  Internet Shopping Advice

Learn How To Shop Online - Internet Retail Shopping. Internet Shopping Advice. Learning shopping online. Millions of people buy online every day without any problems. With a bit of commonsense and knowledge, you can avoid problems with eCommerce. Here we offer online shopping tips and advice. Online shopping continues to grow in popularity, shoppers have to be increasingly aware of the various scams associated with the convenience of online purchases

Product Buying Guides

If you're trying to get more information on a general product category, buying guides can be very helpful. To find buying guides on a wide number of items, go to ShopWiki. Choose the category your product falls into. On the category page, select your product and you will be directed to the appropriate buying guide.

For technology items, go to CNET Review. Find the category you're interested in by scrolling down the page and clicking on it. In the column labeled "Buying Advice" (on the left-hand side of the page), click on the buying guide for that category

Product Reviews

With the Web, you can find reviews on almost any product Go to ConsumerSearch. This site compiles and cross-references reviews from many sources. In the box in the upper right-hand corner, type in the name of the item you're researching

Scroll past the four "Ads by Google" at the top of your search results, to the section just below the word "Web". Read the item headings and click on the appropriate link for what you want to buy. Scan over the information presented to get a quick idea of what the best-reviewed product is. Click on "Full Story" to get a thorough, detailed overview of all products

Online Shopping & e-Commerce

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Online Shopping - Research First

Find Reliable Product Reviews and Information No matter what you want to buy, be it a blender or a computer, it's always a good idea to research it first. How else will you find out if the latest Banana Jr. computer has been recalled three times, or the BlendAll blender doesn't actually blend much of anything?