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Asian Fashion Shopping Malls - ASEAN Famous Retail Districts

Asian fashion clothes shopping malls and centers

Asian Fashion Shopping Malls - ASEAN Famous Retail Districts. Asia Clothes & Apparel Shopping, Wholesale Fashion Markets, Retail Leather Goods Boutiques & Online Dress Shops. Asia has some of the most famous shopping metropolises worldwide, with their exclusive shopping malls and arcades, departments stores, open-air and night-markets.

Asian major cities have many shopping areas and streets with trendy boutiques, Pratunam and Bobae in Bangkok, Kenanga City in Kuala Lumpur, Wufenpu in Taipei, Qipu Road in Shanghai, Dongdaemun in Seoul, just to mention a few.

Fashion Wholesale & Retail Markets in Asia

Clothing and fashion garments wholesale markets in Asia

Fashion Wholesale & Retail Markets in Asia. Apparel, accessories, garments & dresses. We have now expanded our site to include wholesale shops and stores and retail shopping markets and districts for each of for 13 Asian major countries and the 10 ASEAN, South East Asian countries. Please visit main pages for each of the 23 countries in the right side columns for more information

Kenanga City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kenanga City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur's wholesale fashion and apparel business. Kuala Lumpur Clothing Districts. There are 400 shops at the Kenanga wholesale centre ‘Ho Ching Yuen' catering to retailers of fashion dresses, ladies fashion boutiques, shopping malls and the public 

Wufenpu, Taipei. Taiwan

Asia Fashion Wholesale Shopping Markets

Wufenpu, Taipei. Taiwan. Wufenpu is Taipei's largest market for clothes. Wufenpu Fashion Market, Taipei, Taiwan. This is the place where street vendors come to purchase goods for reselling.  Low prices also attract many young retail customers

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Bangkok Markets - Retail & Wholesale Shopping
Bangkok Markets - Retail & Wholesale Shopping

Bangkok Markets - Retail & Wholesale Shopping. Day and Night Shopping in Bangkok. Bangkok Wholesale Fashion Districts. In Bangkok there is no pure "whole-sale only" markets for clothing and textiles. The markets in Bangkok all sell both wholesale and retail - some shops may have wholesale only and some retail only, but none of the Bangkok Apparel and Garment Wholesale Markets can really be categorized as only wholesale markets, since it really is a mix of both.