Online Advertising Currently In Style with Fashion Marketers

Internet Promotion - Social Media Marketing - Thai Fashion Industry ignore online sales and marketing

Online Advertising Currently In Style with Fashion Marketers

It’s a new Fashion Year in Bangkok, where we have annual runway event where all the major Thai and International fashion houses display their new collections for buyers and the media.

While the Thai Fashion Industry has tended to ignore online vehicles in favor of print advertising, Thailand Fashion website has now new articles exploring how fashion-related content and advertising seem to be suddenly trending to the web more and more

Despite trying to become a major Asian "fashion" force, Thai marketers tend to be very traditional when it comes to marketing - that means more reliance on print versus the web over the past many years.

Now high-end International marketers like Chanel are beginning to open up to new media. For its Coco Mademoiselle perfume line, Chanel has begun running ads on sites like,, and

It’s also taken up search-engine marketing on Google and Yahoo, created a special website called, featuring an array of online video and a virtual tour of the Paris apartment of the designer Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel, and they have plans to partner with fashion blogs

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