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Sri Lankan Traditional Clothing

Sri Lankan Traditional Clothing. Traditional attire for men may include loose-fitting trousers combined with a long shirt that reaches to mid-thigh. The shirt has long, loose sleeves and buttons to the neck. Women may wear a tight blouse and a saree, a wraparound dress that reaches to the ankles. The saree is made from a very long piece of fabric. In rural areas, the sarong is used for everyday public attire

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Sri Lankan Fashion Dress Design

Sri Lankan Fashion Dress Design. Most popular Sri Lanka Clothing are beachwear and batik. Handmade batik printed clothes have gained popularity all over the world and are also exported from Sri Lanka to various places in the world. In Sri Lanka shopping is a great fun as you do not need pots of money to get the latest fashion in hand. You just need to know the fashion and what all you want to buy