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Fashion is a statement, a stylised form of expression, which displays and begins to define a person, a place, a class, a time, a religion, a culture, subcultures, and even a nation. Fashion, a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, foot wear, or accessories. Fashion references to anything that is the current trend in look and dress up of a person. The prevailing style in behavior as well

admin, 27-12-11 10:08:
Testing the Asian Comment Form
China Watch, 03-01-12 16:52:
I am from China Beijing. I just read your article about top fashion cities. I couldn't believe you didn't mention Beijing, even in the top 30. Have you really done the research, go to take picture? Beijing is just as inspired as London. You really should take a look!
Admin, 20-01-12 14:42:
Top Fashion City of the Year
Each July, the Global Language Monitor (GLM) ranks the Top Fashion Cities of the Year ranked by Internet presence in a global survey. Beijing is not among the top 50 cities in the year 2011
Visit here
Ju Sena, 12-02-12 11:52:
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Tan, 14-02-12 20:29:
I am a tour guide, I went to yours wholesale complex this morning to conduct a survey. I find that the number of patrons to yours complex can improves many folds by encourage tour coaches to bring foreign tourists for shopping there. Many tourists like to know where they can shop fashion wears at reasonable price. I found that most of the retail outlets in yours complex sells their garments at quite a reasonable prices. I was even tempted to buy a short-pant at only RM 7 only before I was about to leave. But, one of the main obstruction is no proper parking for coaches. if the management be able to set-up parking bay for tour coaches besides yours complex, then the tourists would not have to walk from far to yours complex because of parking problem. At the same time, provide either cash vouchers/food vouchers for tour guides and coach drivers as incentive for bringing tourists there. I have spoken to Lily,a friendly and experienced front office staff from yours company who once worked in Sungei Wang Plaza manning its information counter.
She was well-liked by tourists during her times working there, and I believe she, for being many years dealing with foreign tourists, she may have some good ideas on how to attract more foreign tourists to shop there if the management could ask her to share her experiences during her times working in her previous company.
thank You...LK Tan
Hans, 07-10-12 18:36:
We produce Young Fahion in Bali. Blouses, Trouser, Dress, Shirts etc, made from Jersey, Rayon, Chiffon. Trend Print Motive Design. European Style an Trendy.
We are interest to find Buyer from all Countrys.
Only serioes.
konstantinos, 03-11-12 21:18:
I have shoes & clothes retail shop at Greece and i'm interesting about cheap wholesalers.


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