Fashion Clothing Wholesale Bangkok

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Bobae Clothing Wholesale Market

Bangkok's major retailing and wholesaling market for clothes. The goods here are up for grabs at very low prices and usually sold by the dozens. Indeed, it is a favorite haunt not only for shoppers but also for traders  Bobae Market is located at Krung Kasem Road

Bobae Garment Wholesale Tower

Bobae Tower A maze of small shopping stalls selling export quality western-style clothes mostly for the export market

Although many shop owners prefer bulk purchases, most will sell individual items, still at very cheap prices despite the single-purchase fee  Bobae Tower

Bangkok Clothing and Fashion Wholesale

Bangkok Clothing: Bobae Market & Tower

Bangkok Clothing: Bobae Market & Tower, Metro Fashion & China World. There are only a few clothes wholesale centres outside of Pratunam, like Bobae Clothing Market & Bobae Towers plus two newer, modern clothing fashion centres, Metro Fashion & China World, opened up just a few years ago, selling both retail and wholesale ladies and men's wear

Metro Fashion Apparel Wholesale

Metro Fashion modern wholesale plaza replaced the former Metro cinema near the First Hotel on New Phetchaburi Road and was opened last January. The Metro Fashion Wholesale Centre & Plaza was being built on a three-rai plot and houses 371 tenants selling fashion apparel, bags, footwear and accessories