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Beijing Dahongmen Market Garment & Apparel Wholesale China

Beijing Dahongmen Market Fashion & Clothing Wholesale China

Beijing Zoo & Dahongmen Textile & Apparel Beijing has the largest garment and apparel distributing center in China. Originally Beijing garment market was a simple street market. Now it it has become two large scale apparel and textile wholesale districts.

Beijing Dahongmen Apparel Wholesale market. Within this area there is 24 markets of garment, textile, shoes, and hats with more than 7,000 types of merchants. It is the largest garment wholesale market in the area north of Yangtze River

Beijing Zoo Garment Wholesale Market

Beijing Zoo Garment Wholesale Market China

Beijing Zoo Garment Wholesale Market. The other largest clothing wholesale distribution center in northern China with several major clothing wholesale markets - Dongding market, Tian-Le market, Zhonghe market, Tianhao town, Golden Kailide market, Century Tianle market. 

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Wholesale Clothing Districts in China

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