Bangkok Wholesale Clothing Districts

Bangkok Wholesale Clothing Districts Thailand

Bangkok Wholesale Clothing Districts Thailand. Welcome to the very best online Bangkok Retail & Wholesale information for Thai fashion, clothing, garments & jewellery (jewelry)

Nowhere else in Asia can retail & wholesale buyers find such a fresh array of goods including women's wear, men's wear, children's wear, toys, gifts, decorative accessories, home textiles, footwear, fashion accessories and personal care products than in the Bangkok wholesale markets

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Bangkok Fashion Wholesale Districts

Please Notice  In Bangkok we have no "Wholesale Only" markets - each and every place listed sells both to consumers as well as wholesale buyers

Wholesale Clothing - Thai Fashion Brands

From Famous Thai Brand Manufacturer! Buy guaranteed authentic street-wear clothing & designer wear. With top professional support and backing. From leading Thai manufacturer. New collections twice a year

These brands are for the larger professional wholesaler, established importer or chain store representative. These unique brands can be seen in showrooms all over Thailand on a daily basis - just contact Asia Fashion Website