Apparel Brands Chase New Design Trends On Facebook, Twitter

Who will design your favourite brand's next line? You! Apparel brands such as Benetton, Wills Lifestyle, Pantaloons and Van Heusen are using Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites as design centres where the end users can play co-creators

Clothing brand  are using Facebook and other sites to identify the latest trends among young members. Its Facebook fans can upload pictures and use discussion forums as the company looks to catch the young fashion vein

Asian Fashion on Social Networking: LinkedIn, MySpace & Orkut

Asian and Western Fashion Brands are increasingly using peer-to-peer social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut, YouTube and Flickr to spot the latest fashion trends, find out what international youngsters want and just to stay in touch with their target customers. Clothing trends change very frequently, so the real time research on social media can be really helpful

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Basic Steps for Social Media Marketing in Fashion Industry

The first step is to develop a thorough social media marketing and optimization plan. Ideally, this plan should be a part of the designer’s overall marketing plan. The second step is to create a fashion blog which reflects your objectives and sets out to do what you hope to achieve online as the benchmark of your designer label

The third step is to choose the platform or website where you wish to position your brand and its target audience. Preference should be given to online platforms that relate specifically to fashion and designer labels

Some research might come in handy to understand how to use this chosen social media forum can be used in the best possible way. The more social, open and proactive you are on social media, the better it is for the brand or label that you represent.

Social Media and Fashion Industry

Through social media, it becomes possible for a fashion designer or a fashion company to generate publicity across online communities and websites. Social media makes it possible for fashion designers and fashion boutiques to generate interest about a brand. It finds ways in which a brand can be promoted more effectively to customers at a global level, that too with minimal cost

With several netizens, particularly the geeks, preferring to shop on the net and also making revelations about their personal tastes without inhibitions, brands can ill afford to ignore the power of the mouse and 'YOU'. All sales are not made on the shopfloor, after all