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Russian Apparel and Garments Wholesale and Retail

Russian Apparel, Association of Designers of Russia

Russia Fashion Clothing. Russian Apparel and Garments Wholesale and Retail. Association of Designers of Russia. Their mission is to promote design as innovative and intellectual creative activity which must become important instrument for Russian economy renovation and provision of national high quality living. We consider design as a strong instrument of social education and try to use it’s possibilities to improve ecology surrounding and social environment. They stay for protecting of intellectual property rights. Please also visit our new Russia Fashion Clothing BLOG where you can join, inform, ask, discuss and write about many interesting fashion topics.

Russian Fashion Online Shopping and B2B Wholesale. For retail clothing shopping online, please visit our Russian Fashion Online Shopping page. If you are interested in business-to-business wholesale, the Russian Fashion Wholesale Marketplace is the page to visit for more information.

Russia Fashion Clothing Blog, Dress Trends, Apparel Brands, Russian Wholesale B2B Website

Russia Fashion Clothing - Traditional Costumes

Russia Fashion Clothing - Traditional Costumes and Folk Dress

Russia Fashion Clothing - Traditional Costumes. Russian clothing differ a lot from each other. Each province had its own traditional folk dress. For example, black embroidery was traditional for the Belgorod Region (southern Russia), whereas traditional clothing of peasant women in the Ryazan Region (central Russia) were embroidered mostly with red.

Russian Fashion Clothing and Designer Association

Russian Fashion Clothing - Association of Designers of Russia

  • 33, off. 155, Sadovnicheskaya Street
  • Moscow
  • 117997 Russian Federation
  • Telephone +7 495 953 9641
  • Fax +7 495 953 9641

Website: In Russian Language Only

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