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Thailand Brand Fashion and Designer Clothing

Thailand Brand, Fashion and Bangkok Clothing Apparel and Designers

Thailand Fashion Clothing. Thai Brand Fashion and Designer Clothing. Thai Apparel, Clothes Brands and Designers Online Shopping.  Learn about the fashion, apparel & textile industry in Bangkok. Please follow the designer and clothes information pages in the right side column and click on the latest brand and clothing links on this page. Please also visit our new Thailand Fashion Clothing BLOG where you can join, inform, ask, discuss and write about many interesting fashion topics.

Thai Fashion Online Shopping and B2B Wholesale. For retail clothing shopping online, please visit our Thai Fashion Online Shopping page. If you are interested in business-to-business wholesale, the Thai Fashion Wholesale Marketplace is the page to visit for more information.

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Thailand Traditional Costumes

Thailand Fashion Clothing - Traditional Costumes

Thailand Fashion Clothing - Traditional Costumes. There isn't really a national costume, but women may wear a Thai silk ankle length wrap-around skirt, with a blouse worn over it. For men it is a shirt worn out over loose fitting long pants, sometimes with a sash belt at the waist or over one shoulder.

Thailand Fashion Clothing Video

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